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At, we pay you for your content when approved.

See our rules before we approve your content, you must meet up to these requirements.

  • The content or article/post must be Rich and attractive to audiences. 
  • Once we approved any of your post, you will see your earnings per page views 
  • Your Payment threshold is from $15 above.  
  • While submitting your post an option is listed for you to select admin that will receive the post and the Admin will carry out the over viewing of your content, when done a message will be sent to you.  
  • This program is for everyone, you are allow to invite your friends to follow you enjoy this offer.  
  • For approval of your posts has no expiring date, once approved your earning will be updated automatically.  
  •  NO copy and Paste Avoid it. 
  • Note that eye witness article is more easy to approve  
  • Payment Options : PayPal , local Bank Tran fer and Bitcoin

How we pay you?

Our system is automated and we pay you per page views, when any of your post reaches 200 page views, we pay you $0.08. The system continues paying you at every 200 page views. Ie
  • at 200 pageviews = $0.08
  • at 400 pageviews = 2*$0.08
  • at 800 pageviews = 3*$0.08
  • Do the math at 1,000 pageviews
enjoy .

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