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How to deactivate voicemail on Airtel 2019




NEWS: How to deactivate voicemail on Airtel 2019 [New Android Villa] » Naijacrawl
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Maybe, just as I did, many guys guys may have one way or the other, got entangled into what they could not come out from without some serious external help!!I activated the airtel voicemail on my sim without knowing what it mean't or how it works, infact I activated it to see how voicemail really works, when it was time to get out?? ALAS, THERE WAS NO WAY OUT!! MAYBE NOT But not to bore you with too many stories( we ain't here for story telling), Here is a code to deactivate voicemail on your airtel sim, very easy - dial #002# on your sim.what if it dosen't work??Then contact customer care-line with 190(correct number) not 121 or 111.Enjoy!!!!

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