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Benefits Of rooting ANDRIOD Devices.




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Benefits Of getting your andriod devices rooted.

After reading this article, you will know what your andriod phone can do after been rooted.

When your phone is rooted it can performs the following tasks.

1. It can be controlled by you.

2. It can be tweaked at anytime, depends on you.

3. More power saving.

4. Easy to install custom Roms.

How to save more battery life and DATA cost on your andriod phone.

it  is simple will help of this app , you can save up to 50% of your battery and your data cost.

Download droidwall  here . Install it and open the apps, and grant it root access when prompt. From the app you will see all your apps that runs on background when your data is on, now you have right to turn them off and doing so it will help to stop those apps that draining your battery when they see data connection.

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