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Ibrahim and Ebube are University students who are home for the holiday.

In their attempt to get their groove on, Ibrahim's Aunt sneaks to watch them.

"My people should be in bed," Ibrahim said as he unlocked the front door to his family's home. Ebube nodded hopefully, moving her eyebrows with a mischievous grin.

"It will be nice when we finally finish from university, and get a place of our own," she sighed hopefully.

"Another year at the university and we'll be on our way."

"Yeah, but until then this isn't so bad, they never bother us," Ibrahim said.

"That's true," Ebube admitted, entering the house.

"Is your aunty still interested in your relationship?"

"Yes," Ibrahim admitted embarrassed, closing the door behind him.

"I think it's fine," she said kissing him lightly on the cheek.

"She's just protecting your future and mine too I guess."

 A street light just outside the house was partially blocked by the low hanging branches of a tree, causing portions of the room to be covered in darkness while others were very well lit.

Ibrahim admired the way she looked in her dress, holding her out at arms length to gaze upon her slender body. Pulling her close, his nose was filled with the sweet scent of her perfume and shampoo as he kissed her neck lightly. She traced his arms with her fingertips as she leaned her head back with an easygoing smile. Ibrahim stole glances down her top, the soft swell of her breasts barely tented the dress but they were breathtaking just the same.

The soft skin that was exposed called out to him, begging to be kissed.

Sitting on the chair, Ibrahim pulled Ebube down alongside him and slid his fingers over her breasts gently. The soft moan that escaped her lips encouraged him and he began to squeeze more firmly. She pulled his face close and parted his lips with her tongue and kissed him urgently.

Ebube crawled atop his lap facing him, knees on either side of his legs. Her slender body pressing him into the couch as they kissed noisily. Ibrahim pulled the straps of the light dress down across her shoulders and pushed his face between her braless breasts.

She joked that she didn't have much breasts more than mosquito bumps, but Ibrahim didn't care. Her nipples were very sensitive and when she became aroused their hardened state turned him on crazily. He lavished her breasts with the rough surface of his tongue, causing goosebumps to race across her chest.

Her sigh was music to his ears as she held the back of his head, pulling him tight against her skin. Ibrahim could feel the heat of her arousal on his leg.

Her dress had ridden up and bunched around her waist, leaving her panty-covered pussy dry humping the upper part of his thigh. She began to hump against him steadily and soon her gasps filled the room as a small orgasm overtook her.

She pushed him away and stepped off the chair to stand before him after she had calmed a little. With an innocent smile she slipped the dress off her body and did a little spin in just her underwear. She knelt before him and laid her head in his lap, her fingers running up along his inner thighs. Pressing her lips against his covered erection she mouthed him through his clothing. Ibrahim grumbled and pulled her head down as he pushed his groin upwards.

She took his hands and moved them to his sides as she lifted her head up. Ibrahim leaned down to kiss her offered lips as she unbuttoned his shorts.

In the quiet of the night the sound of his zipper being pulled down seemed as loud as an airplane taking off. For a brief moment, he was worried that his relative might discover them. Ibrahim shook it off though as he felt her hot breath against the large flesh of his manhood.

"Oh baby," Ibrahim sighed. Once again he placed his hands on her head but he didn't exert any pressure. He just enjoyed the feel of her soft hair as she teased him slowly by almost taking him in her mouth. His hips twitched as she brought her tongue closer and he watched as a small drop of saliva dripped from her mouth to his aching dick.

A sound from the kitchen caused them both to freeze; She had a near panicked look in her eyes. A moment later they could hear the sound of water running through pipes. For about thirty seconds they stayed motionless, Ibrahim's dick began to deflate and then the water stopped.

"The deep freezer," Ibrahim breathed. She wasn't sure and gave him a questioning look.

"The ice was dropped and then the tray refills with water. That's what we heard."

Satisfied with his explanation Ebube extended her tongue out once again and licked the crown of his dick. Ibrahim' dick once again expanded to its rock hard state as he groaned in delight.

In the darkened kitchen, not far away, stood Ibrahim' aunty, Aisha. Her heart was pounding in her ears and her pulse raced as she feared discovery. The sudden noise from the freezer had rattled her nerves and she thought again about abandoning her voyeuristic adventure. She had pressed herself up against the wall and was trying to calm her breathing, listening for any sign that she had been discovered.

After waiting a couple of minutes she figured that her nephew and his girlfriend had continued their activity, so she once again crept into the darkened lobby that led into the adjoining dining and sitting room.

From her vantage point she could see her on her knees before her nephew, her head rising and falling in his lap as she obviously sucked her nephew's dick. Even with the distance between them she could hear the slurping noises the girl made, a sound that caused Aisha's pussy to moisten.

Leaning back against the counter Aisha slowly stroked her soaked pussy through the opening of her gown.

Ibrahim shivered as she ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft, her hand stroking the head of his dick in a slow steady rhythm. Her hot breath felt heavenly on his dick. She lowered her face and noisily sucked one of his balls into her mouth where she toyed it with her wet tongue.

Slumping his head back, Ibrahim lost himself in the feel of her hot mouth as she slowly fucked him with her face.

Through a lust filled gaze, Aisha watched with jealousy as she sucked her nephew's dick. From across the room she couldn't be sure, but she guessed the girl’s thighs were sticky with juice dripping from her cunt. Her fingers stroked her clit in time with the movements of the young woman's head and Aisha had to bite her knuckle to suppress the moans that tried to escape.

Ibrahim's hips began to jerk and Aisha drew in a sharp breath of air as he held her head steady as he began to pump his dick into her mouth on his own.



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