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Amaka The Lesbian (Episode 26,27,28,29 and 30 season 2)




NEWS: Amaka The Lesbian (Episode 26,27,28,29 and 30 season 2) [New Others News] » Naijacrawl
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Episode 26 (season 2 starts)

I was determined to make my Aunty pay without pity, the beginning is about to commence.

Later in the evening, my Uncle came back and everything went back to normal, like nothing happened in his absence, while my Aunty was oblivious of the sex escapades that went on in the hotel. Weeks passed and turned into months, I was still having sex with both of them, but I didn't see any sign they were making to bring my brothers to live with us, like they promised. 

Then my Uncle was always coming home in the afternoons from work, to collect one round from me and rush back to his office, because his wife joined a team in church that was always going for evangelism.
One afternoon, we had gotten back from school and was about to eat when my Uncle got back and told me to follow him into his room as usual, I told my sister to continue eating that I will be back. When I got into his room, he locked the door and rushed me, I pushed him away and told him I was seeing my period, he looked so disappointed and begged me to give him a blow job that his penis was already hard and will really pain him if he doesn't release, he was practically begging me, for someone that fucks me everyday and fucks his wife every night, I wonder why he couldn't just let a day go without sticking his dick into a hole, I didn't understand it at all, but decided to use my opportunities very well.

"Uncle, it's not like I can't suck you o, it's just that I am not happy at all" I said to him, then he replied and said, "hian! Nne m, ikpu nsom, I have told you several times to always tell me what bothers you, I will do anything for you, I swear. Why are you unhappy?" "You promised me 3 months ago that you will bring my brothers here but you have not, am not even sure you are making any move sef" I said and started crying, he held me, "no no no, don't do this, I beg you. I can't stand seeing you cry, I am doing everything possible to get them here, it's not that easy, I have concluded with the guardians of your immediate younger brother and they agreed to release him next month, that's when they will get someone to replace him, then the other one says she won't release your other brother until she gets better, I heard she's hospitalised. I didn't want to be giving you details because I feel it's not necessary. What you want is to be with your brothers, how I get them doesn't matter" he finished.

I thought about it for a while and it made sense, so I smiled and went down on my knees and sucked him, funny enough, with all the time we took talking about my brothers, his penis was still very hard. I sucked and sucked until my jaw began to pain me, kai, "am tired of sucking o. I have been on this for more than 30 minutes now and you still have not released, my mouth is really paining me, I am not sucking again" I said. "Kai, nne, do you want to kill me? See how hard my rod is. If I don't release this thing, I will be in a terrible pain. Oya let's go into the bathroom let me enter you like that, we will turn on the shower and wash up the blood as we go, please nne, don't...." I cut him short with a surprised look on my face, "eeh, you mean you want to have sex with me on my period? No o, that will be so disgusting, with the smelly blood. Mbanu, I won't allow it o..."
I made to leave the room, he grabbed me and begged like his life depended on it, I had to give in, we went into the bathroom and had sex, it wasn't even as bad as I thought. When we finished, he showered, dressed up and left, then I cleaned up the bathroom and went back downstairs to meet my sister.

 I saw her in the parlour watching cartoon, she had finished eating and covered mine with her plate.
Immediately she saw me, she called my name and said, "Amy, why does Uncle come back everyday and you follow him into the room and lock door? I don't understand" The question took me off guard, "lock door kwa? No na, I help him with some stuff in his room, nothing else" I replied, trying to sound like it's nothing. "Hmmm, okay o, if you say so then. Because the way both of you are going, it seems like you are having sex with him"...

Amaka the lesbian

Episode 27

"Hmmm, okay o, if you say so then. Because, the way both of you are going, seems like you are having sex with him" she said and walked away. I stood there for a moment, shocked and wondered how an 11 year old girl knew what sex was and how on earth she found out I was always sleeping with my uncle every afternoon. I went after her and did all I could to find out how she knew or what gave us away, she kept mute, I made up stories to cover up what she knew was the truth, she still didn't utter a word, only looked at me and smiled mischievously, I got so scared and worried. I didn't want my kid sister to go through this same shit with me, I needed to do everything possible to erase her suspicions. So I made up my mind to talk to my Uncle about it.

Meanwhile, sister Margaret was still calling and begging me to see her, she had no idea that my Aunt found out about us and warned me to stop taking her calls. What I did was to save her number with another name and put my phone permanently on silent, so that each time she called, it would vibrate in my pocket and I go into my room to pick it or let it end, then I call her back later when am alone. This went on for a while, until an opportunity finally presented itself.

A church program came up that required members to travel out of Lagos state, my Aunty was the leader, she made her husband go with them against his wish, as usual, sister Margaret and her husband ( the junior pastor)weren't chosen, so they didn't go, once again, my kid sis and I, were taken to Sister Margaret's house to be with them, for the duration of the retreat. Before we were dropped off, my Aunty took me to a corner and said, "Amaka, you know we would have taken both of you along if not that you are writing your Waec exams, so I had no other choice. You know I have not been able to confront Margaret for touching you without my consent, it's not like I can't call her out here right now and warn her off you, but I know why am still bidding my time, I will definitely confront her. If she tries to force you or anything, just give me a call, okay? I don't want anyone laying hands on you, ever. You are mine and mine alone, do you understand?" I nodded with a very wicked smile, "Yes, Aunty, I understand and I promise to do as you said"

I stood there and watched as they drove out of the compound, after saying a few words to sister Margaret and her husband. We were already used to the house so it didn't take us long to settle down. Sister Margaret and her daughter were so happy to see me. I was put in a different room with my sister, all because she didn't want me to touch her daughter again. But what she didn't know was that we always found a way to do it in school, imagine when we are in the same house.

Exactly 3 hours later, sister Margaret came into the room, told my sister to join her kids in the parlour, that she needed to talk to me, as soon as my sister left, she locked the door and grabbed me. She kissed me with reckless abandon, just like my Uncle does, when he had missed me a lot, she kept going, until I pushed her off of me, "wait first, I thought we had an agreement? You have to pay me first before you touch me, I don't..." "Amaka, do you want to render me broke? Since this whole thing started, I know how much I have given you, my business is dwindling, I don't have money anymore. Don't be greedy, God. I don't even know what you do with all that money, you are barely 19 years old, you have a very rich guardian that provides all you need. You are way too young, don't turn yourself into a prostitute because of your insatiable desire for money, please, nne oma" she pleaded.

I got so pissed, I stared at her with so much scorn and replied, "I became a prostitute the moment my Aunty touched my vagina to satisfy her urge. I became a prostitute the day both of you had me like a meal. I am a prostitute, Margaret, and if you still want my lips down there ( I pointed at her vagina) or yours on mine, then better go look for money, don't come near me next time without money, or I will scream and tell the whole world everything".... "Amaka, are you threatening me? Has it gotten to that? Even when you know that I am madly in love with you?" She finished and tried to touch me again, I avoided her and left the room.

As I made to walk into the parlour, I saw her husband, the junior pastor, speaking to someone on the phone, looking as handsome as always, at that moment, I decided to have him as well. My uncle was the only man sleeping with him, having a feel of sister Margaret's husband won't be a bad idea, I thought to myself. But I needed to be very careful, he might not be as easy as my uncle...

Amaka the lesbian!

Episode 29

I opened my eyes, faking shock and quickly got up to face him. "Nothing sir" I replied, acting scared, "Nothing? I walked in on you touching yourself sinfully and you say nothing? What evil spirit has possessed you? Upon all the preaching in church, all the prayers, this is the part you choose? Look at me when am talking to you. You know what? I will not allow this evil to consume you, he that is in me is greater than he that is of the world. I will pray for you and destroy that which is about to destroy you, it's not by my power, but by the power of the holy spirit, but you must open your heart to accept Christ as your personal lord and savior, for you to be saved, follow me to the sitting room, I shall pray for you" he finished, then turned and walked into the sitting room, while I followed him.

Pray fire! Where was Christ when my parents died? Where was he when my Aunty inserted a carrot into my vagina and took away my virginity, where was he when she started offering me to her friends as kolanut? Where was he when your wife paid me to make her cum an hour ago? Now that I am living the life they exposed me to, you want me to accept christ and stop my sexcapades, hmmmm, the end is just the beginning, for me. I have not even started. I thought myself.

When we got into the sitting room, he told me to sit down and tell him my story, while he sat beside me and held my hands, then I began, "I don't know what is wrong with me, since the age of 16, I have been touching myself, I thought it would stop when I get older but it hasn't, it only got worse, I have inserted different objects into my vagina, the urge never ends, my mind tells me that I need to have real sex before it stops but am scared to do it, I don't want to get pregnant or have an infection, please, help me sir. Help me get better, I don't want to get into trouble because of this and I don't want my Aunty to know, she might send me away and I have nowhere else to go"

I knelt down in front of him, sobbing with reckless abandon, "chaiii! The devil is a very big liar, sit up, my daughter, you are not alone in this battle, I have been a Pastor for 23 years now and there's no spiritual battle I have not won, by the grace of the most high God. It was my spirit that led me to you in the kitchen, I will pray for you and deliver you from the shackles of Satan, immediately" he walked to the shelf near the television and got his bible, then he continued, "when you said you insert different objects into your womanhood, what objects are you talking about?" I quietly replied, "carrot, cucumber, pen, plantain..."
"Wow! Jesus Christ! This is even stronger than I thought" he cuts in, "stay here, don't go anywhere, let me get the anointing oil, the devil is a liar" he said and half ran out. I sat there and waited, I thought about what could possibly happen, what if he walks back in with sister Margaret? 

What if he's truly pure and can't be seduced? So many 'what ifs' in my head but then, I had nothing to lose. At almost 19, done with secondary school, with a lot of money saved up in the bank, I could take my sister and go start life somewhere else, this was what life dealt me with, I had to keep surviving, for the sake of my siblings, especially my kid sister that was growing so fast, I didn't want her to be molested like me, I watched her like a hawk and protected her at all times.

I was still lost in thoughts, when I heard footsteps, I looked up to see him walk in with an annointing oil...



I was still lost in thoughts, when I heard footsteps, I looked up to see him walk in with an annointing oil. He told me to kneel down, which I did, then he started praying, calling all the angels from above to come down and wash away my urge and destroy the evil spirit that has taken over me. He prayed and prayed, until I lost track of time and was feeling serious pains on my knees from kneeling down for too long, I looked up at him and noticed how serious he was, I panicked for a slight second, but then I remembered I wasn't suffering from any evil spirit, it was just my Aunty and his wife that messed up my life and heightened my urges with reckless abandon.
I sat down on floor and proceeded to touch myself fiercely, I careless of what would happen, whether he will open his eyes and catch me in the act and tell his wife, didn't matter to me anymore. I wasn't enjoying what I was doing, but it was far better than kneeling down there, getting frustrated. As I was doing it, an idea crossed my mind, I touched him, "excuse me, sir" with a 'worried' look on my face, he opened his eyes and looked down at me, I saw how his eyes registered the shock, he was surprised to see my right fingers inside of me, I went on, "it's getting worse, the more you pray, the more I get extreme urge, it's driving me insane, I am practically messed up as it is, help me, sir" I slowly removed my fingers inside of me, with my eyes fixed on his, I pulled out, like I was teasing him, while carefully glancing below his waist, to see if there was any movement, but it was as flat as a new born baby sleeping, kai.
He dropped his bible on the centre table and sat down, opposite me, he kept staring at me without saying a word to me, like the cat got his tongue, he kept muttering 'blood of jesus' it took me a while to grab what he was muttering, he was barely audible, few minutes later, he spoke up, "This is not a minor battle, your issue has gone really so deep. I was praying for you and your urges were increasing instead of it going away, devil is just a liar, I am a servant of God, and sometimes, he gives his servant such a task just to prove that he alone is the all powerful omnipresent. He has never failed me and he will not see you and fail, Amaka, we shall overco..." "Sir, please"... I cut in "I think I should just look for a decent guy and do it with, my urge never really stops and something tells me that once I do it with a man, this whole thing will subside or even stop, I am tired, really tired, eziokwu. It's not a nice thing that am suffering like this, I want to be normal, I deserve to be normal"
He shook his head in refusal, "God forbid you go meet a man, not now that I am aware of it. I would have alerted my wife to join in the prayers, but knowing how close she is to your Aunt, there's no guarantee that she won't tell her, the less people that knows about this, the better for us, especially for you. I don't want you to be stigmatized, we will not stop fighting, there's nothing God can not do, wipe your tears. Remove your cloth and lay down, let me apply this annointing oil on your womanhood and other areas the devil is using to keep you in bondage" he finished and picked up the oil.
I got up, undressed, laid down as instructed and smiled inwardly, it's about to go down. 'Welcome to my pot of gold, I wish you happy hunting for raw treasures' I said to myself...
To be continued.
[9/18, 9:36 AM] Kiz: AMAKA THE LESBIAN !



below 18 FACE OFF JARE

My uncle was the only man sleeping with me, having a feel of sister Margaret's husband won't be a bad idea, I thought to myself. But I needed to be very careful, he might not be as easy as my uncle.
Later that night, after they finished the family prayer, we all chorused goodnight and turned in for the night, I was about to lock the door to our room, when sister Margaret walked in and told me to follow her, I told my sister not to wait up and obediently followed Margaret. She took me into her bedroom, I was surprised to notice it was empty, I kept looking towards the bathroom to see if her husband will walk out, she noticed how uneasy I was, "Nne m, calm down, my husband won't be in until 1am, he stays up watching CNN, and he does that in the parlour, to avoid disturbing me while I sleep. I was able to come up with #20,000, that's all I have in this house, I really need to have you, please. I won't be able to sleep, knowing you are in this house and we didn't have love, you've starved me for months now" she handed me the money and began kissing me, she was practically all over me, with hands and mouth.
I didn't say a word, I dropped the money on the floor and gave in to her, I fully reciprocated and more, all the while, my mind was in her handsome husband sitting all alone in the parlour. I knew what sister Margaret wanted was to cum, so that she could sleep. I pulled away from her to lock the door, then I made her lay on the bed and feasted on her with reckless abandon, as an older woman, she has a very thick vagina that always covers my face each time am on her, and she tries to push my face harder into it, especially when my tongue is hitting the right button, and I always stop to complain, because it feels like am being suffocated, breathing becomes so hard for me, but that night, I didn't even complain, I bore it all, as I gave her the best head ever, with a greater goal in mind, which was her husband.
As I sucked, I put my hands forward and played with her nipples, while she used a pillow to cover her mouth from screaming out loud, it was past 10pm and sister Margaret is a very sexual screamer like her daughter, but they try so well to suppress it. Less than 15 minutes later, she had cum and was panting like someone that just did a marathon. I wiped my mouth with the back of my left hand, picked up the money and walked out, without saying a word to her.
When I got into the room, my sister was already asleep, I quickly showered and wore a very transparent shirt dress, I was still wearing my slippers when I heard my phone vibrate on the table, it was an sms from sister Margaret which read, "Thanks for making my night. It's your turn to be sucked, tomorrow night" I turned off the phone and slowly walked out.
The house is a very big one, but not as big as my Aunty's own, it's a duplex with 3 different sitting rooms, I went to the one we prayed, the place was dark, I decided to check the other one very close to the kitchen, that was when I saw the light from the television coming through the slightly opened door. I looked inside and saw him seated comfortably, tapping his phone, while his eyes were glued to the TV screen. I walked into the kitchen, turned on the light, sat on the floor and began to finger myself, I moaned so loud to attract his attention. I am not a big fan of masturbation, I had so many people fucking me so there was no need to do myself, but I had to that night, just to draw him out, all I needed to see was his reaction, that would determine my next move.
I continued to finger myself and moan loudly, with my eyes slightly closed. It was not up to 3 minutes, when I felt a soft tap on my shoulder, "Amaka! What in God's name are you doing to yourself?" Bam!!! That was the junior pastor of our church, sister Margaret's husband.
I opened my eyes, faking shock and quickly got up to face him...

To be continued.

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