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Amaka The Lesbian Episode ( 37,38,39,40 and 41 season 2 )




NEWS: Amaka The Lesbian Episode ( 37,38,39,40 and 41 season 2 ) [New Others News] » Naijacrawl
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Episode 37

I slowly began undressing, as I raised my hands to pull off my dress, I felt a sharp pain on my lower abdomen, and winced.

"Amaka, what is it?" She asked, with a worried expression on her face, I sat down at the edge of the bed, wore my dress back and held my stomach, as the pain intensified, "I...I don't know o, the pain is too much, I can't even sit up straight" She helped me to lie down on the bed and used her right hand to feel my stomach all over, while her gaze focused on my face, she kept pressing until she got to my lower abdomen, close to my vagina and I winced in pain, it was more severe this time, "oh my God! Amaka, when last did you see your period?"
I thought about it for a while, before replying, "honestly, can't remember, I don't keep tabs of my period, I just take it anytime I see it, why did you ask?" She sat up, with hands akimbo, "do you have a boyfriend?" "No, I don't have, am not into guys, at all" the pain struck again, I cried out. What could be the problem? I wondered. "You know what? Let me get dressed, am taking you to the hospital, it's still past 10pm" She quickly pulled off her night wear and dressed up, then picked up her phone and called her husband.
Few minutes later, we were on our way to the hospital, they had already called the doctor in the car, so he was expecting us. My fear started immediately we got to the hospital, fear of being pregnant, I had never thought of the possibility of getting pregnant for my uncle, because I know my body very well and I know how to work my mentrual circle, on the days when am not free, he does withdrawal method and he's very good at it. No no no, this can't be, pregnancy? No, it's not possible. Could it be I made a mistake on one of those counts? Fuck! My life is finished. My fear surpassed the pain I was feeling, pregnancy would destroy all my plans and expose me with reckless abandon.
They ran some test, both pregnancy and others. There was a particular one that felt so awkward, I got naked and they took my vagina fluid. And then the waiting started, kai. The pastor kept giving me a reassuring glance, more like saying everything will be alright, with his eyes.
We were jolted out of our thoughts when they announced that the results were ready, we were ushered into the doctor's office to know my fate. At least, I have saved up some money, so if worse comes to worse, I will move out of my aunty's house with my sister, and go for abortion after settling down, but I will definitely not suffer this alone, mbanu, everyone will be exposed, finally, that was the plan.
Sister Margaret and I, sat down and the pastor stood by the side, there were only two chairs in the doctor's office. "Doctor, whàt is it? Is pregnancy right?" Margaret asked, with a sense of certainty. "No, she's not pregnant, she has Chlamydia" I heaved a sigh of relief, at least, I can get myself out of this one. "What is Chlamydia, biko?" Sister Margaret continued, sitting forward.
"Okay, Chlamydia is a bacterial infection, usually spread through s3x or contact with infected genital fluids (semen or vaginal fluid). It can also be gotten through genitals coming into contact with an infected genital – this means one can get chlamydia from someone even if there is no penetration. It can also be passed by a pregnant woman to her unborn baby. Chlamydia can't be passed on through casual contact, such as kissing and hugging, or from sharing baths, towels, swimming pools, toilet seats or cutlery. It doesn't usually cause any symptoms and can normally be treated with a short course of antibiotics, it can be serious if it's not treated early on.
If left untreated, the infection can spread to other parts of the body and lead to long-term health problems, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), epididymo-orchitis (inflammation of the testicles), and infertility. It can also sometimes, cause reactive arthritis" the doctor finished explaining, and wrote down a prescription and told us to take it to the nurse to give me drugs, that will stop the pains on my lower abdomen and treat the infection. We got home and sister Margaret had a small talk with me, I told her it could be from my Aunty, because I know it's just her and my Aunty, that is doing me, so if I have chlamydia, it could be from one of them, since I don't do men, I said it with serious disgust on my face and she believed me, hook, line and sinker, then made sure I took the drugs and hugged me.
Immediately I got to my room, moved my sister to a more comfortable sleeping position, so as to make space for me, my phone rang, it was the pastor, "my love, how are you feeling now?" "I am fine, the pain is reducing, not as severe as before, thank you, sir" I replied. "You are healed, in Jesus name" I said amen, then he continued, "oya, come and meet me downstairs, let me make the pain disappear completely. My body is so cold right now, you have what I want and I have what you want"...

Amaka the lesbian 

Episode 38

"Oya, come and meet me downstairs, let me make the pain disappear completely. My body is so cold right now, you have what I need and I have what you need. Biko, do fast and come, am waiting for you" I said Okay, and ended the call. I was really feeling so tired, no strength to fuck the pastor, but my uncle and aunty will be coming back in two days time, then my sister and I, will go back home, so I need to have the pastor's dick on a complete lock down before they got back. 

After making sure my sister was still snoring away, I quickly showered, thoroughly washed my pussy, wore my nightdress, with nothing underneat, and walked downstairs to meet him. The thought of what was about to come, made my pussy tingle, with reckless abandon. I started this off as payment for what they were doing to me, but I never knew I would ever come across a dick as sweet as that of our junior pastor, fuck! The dude has a big dick, well 'meated' with the thickest veins. When he entered me eeh, his dick filled me in and my warm pussy wrapped it, like it was specially designed for me, kai.

Sister Margaret doesn't know what she has, eziokwu. See all the meat God handed to her on a platter of gold and she's busy neglecting it, looking for my pussy to finger and suck, and vice versa. All those church members that call her 'mummy', will all have the shock of their lives, when they find out we both suck and finger eachother, I can imagine the expression on their faces.

I met the pastor seated on the couch, with his bible opened, he dropped it immediately he sighted me, then he got up and gave me a tight hug, "I was afraid you won't come. How are you feeling now?" "Am fine, sir" He stepped back a little, and looked into my eyes, "enough of this sir, we are way closer now, so call me daddy. I know that's what am called in church, but yours comes with a deeper, erotic meaning, ighotago?" I nodded. "So how's the itch down there? I don't mean the chlamydia, that's a minor issue that will disappear in two days, I mean the other itch" He asked, pointing towards my pussy. "Daddy, it's still itching me o, I wanted to scratch it the usual way when you called me, so I decided to hold on" he smiled. "You did the right thing, if I don't help you scratch it, who will? Besides, it's better and safer if I do it and continue doing it, than doing it yourself or allow those good for nothing little boys touch you, they will damage you for life" I nodded in affirmation.

He hugged me again and began to kiss me passionately. He ran his hands on my back, pulling my hips against his erect dick. I ground my hips against him, feeling his hard dick rub against my clitoris. Slowly, he eased me down onto the couch and I fell back, my legs wide open, waiting for him. He knelt in front of me and undressed me, I knew he could tell that I was dripping wet. I closed my eyes, ready to be fucked and gasped as he gently ran his fingers along my pussy, sliding them up and down, driving me crazy, this pastor is just too good, ohh chim o. The sweetness is out of this world.

“Oh, Amy, you are wet” he said, more to himself than to me, as his fingers found their way to my clitoris. He teased my tiny, swollen inner clitoris and my breathing became more ragged. I couldn’t believe how quickly he was making me crazy...

Amaka the lesbian!!

Episode 39

I couldn't believe how quickly he was making me crazy. I kept my eyes shut, as he ministered to me. “Open your eyes, Amy" I quickly did and stared into the most beautiful eyes, I had ever seen. He has this look in his eyes, when he's horny, the look alone turns me on, with reckless abandon. "You love this, don’t you?” he asked as his capable fingers teased my tiny bud, making me hornier, taking me to the moon and back.

“Yes, sir, sorry, Daddy. Yes, I love it like mad,” I twisted and moaned against him. The sensation was overwhelming and I realized I was writhing in front of him, my hips pushing up to his fingers, wanting more, needing to feel him inside me, kai, this pastor is a heavy bado. This is not ordinary at all, nobody can be this good, my Uncle is not even half as near, as he is, I think it's the holy spirit that is definitely guiding his fingers the right way, I concluded. When his fingers squeezed my sensitive nub again, the pleasure shot through my body.

I moaned out louder this time, and he quickly used his left hand to cover my mouth, before I land both of us into trouble. This is too sweet to be cut short due to my inability to control my moans, mbanu. "God of Abraham, see how fresh, sweet and tight your pussy is, and it's just waiting to be fucked, I will do anything and everything to make sure no other man eats this food, except me. Henceforth, I christian it as my heavenly temple. It is too sweet to be shared, God is really good” he said as his finger went in deeper inside me. He curved it and was scratching away at my pussy wall, he did that for like a minute and inserted another finger, making it two. "Oh chim o, Daddy, you are many good,” I groaned, as my hands grabbed the cushion, tightly.

Kai, sister Margaret is a very stupid woman sha, see pure gold, this man is pure magic. Why won't she spread her legs and allow her pastor of a husband, to finger away the spirit of fucking small girls from her, since prayers doesn't solve it. I closed my eyes again and felt the fire building madly inside me. My pussy tightened around him as he tried to add a third finger, which proved slightly impossible, he stopped trying and continued with just two fingers. When I opened my eyes again, he was watching me, with his eyes half closed, as he slid in and out, massaging my clitoris with his thumb.

“God, my heavenly temple, you’re really tight,” he said in wonder. He was driving me crazier and he didn’t even seem to realize it. “I am never going to get tired of fucking your sweet little pussy, I swear with my bible”

“Daddy,” I whispered, my hips pushed up to his magical fingers. “Please, fuck me,” I begged softly, I couldn't hold it anymore, never wanting anyone like I wanted him right now. He gently removed his fingers, removed his pyjamas and he leaned over me, kissed me hungrily, like his life depends on it and slid his large dick against my wet pussy, making it slick, by rubbing the head on my clitoris and my pussy opening, I moaned, as it continued to slid against my clitoris and then back down. When he was slick with my pussy juice, he placed his dick in front of my wet opening. I gasped, as he slowly drove it deep inside me, with reckless abandon. His black massive dick head disappeared into my pussy and I groaned as the thick shaft followed it. As it pushed me open, I shook in sweet torture, kai. Inch by inch, he pressed inside me. I was more than overwhelmed by the sweet torture of him opening me, spreading me further than I had ever experienced with my Uncle. I thought the first time with him was better, but I was wrong, this is the best. This pastor obviously has more in stock for me than I imagined. The spirit of God is truly directing him well in this, choiii!

I thrust my hips up, pushing him even deeper, as he began sliding in and out of my tight pussy. The more he thrust, the more I wanted. It was like the thrust was making me hornier "For your pussy to be this tight, it's true that no man has fucked you before. You are the best I ever had, I swear to God...

Amaka the lesbian !!

Episode 40

I was almost about to cum, when we heard very clear footsteps, approaching the sitting room. We froze for à second, until it became clearer, I got up and picked my gown, without sparing a glance at him, I ran into the kitchen, gently closed the door and quickly wore my clothe, I was still on it when I heard a voice, it was sister Margaret's, my heart kept beating faster than normal. What I had going on with the pastor seemed like my sure ticket to making my plans a very huge success, crashing now would really cost me a lot, though, I knew Margaret won't even dare to punish me, because her own sins were way worse, but I wasn't ready to be caught, kai.
"hhmmm, why is this place smelling like this?" She asked her husband. "Like how?" He replied, there was a brief silence, then she spoke up again, "it smells like your dirty boxers, but stronger this time. You know how your boxer smells when you pull it off, after a long day. Only that this one smells nastier, hhmm. And you didn't even put on the AC, why are you sweating and panting like this? What is going on?"
"Hian, what is your problem? You ask too many questions, without waiting for an answer. I turned off the AC because I was feeling cold and my mood and sweat is due to prayers. I have been praying fervently, for more than an hour now, as for the smell, maybe it's my dirty boxers from the room that is smelling so bad and got to this level, it's high time you people started washing my boxers on time, instead of piling it up and it begins to smell so nasty and you complain" "The boxers didn't smell in the room o, it's only in this parlour that it is smelling, hmmm. Ok o, if you were masturbating, just admit it, stop acting like you know no sin, nobody holy pass, Daddy. Because, I can swear with my life that you were masturbating and stopped, immediately you heard my footsteps, no wonder you were in darkness, with the television and AC turned off.
I have lived with you for 21 years and you never stay in darkness, no matter what, I know you more than you know yourself, so leave talk. Our sex life is nothing to write home about, so I understand if you masturbate, it shows you are human and God will understand" she finished. "May God have mercy on your soul! Listen to yourself, a pastor's wife, even if we have a dead sex life, I would never stoop so low, the spirit of God keeps me fulfilled always, so carnal things like this never cross my mind. Please, what do you want? I need to finish my vigil before I go to sleep?" "Hehehehe, pastor the pastor, prayer warrior, without singlet, no worries sha. I came to talk to you about Amaka. I think it's better we don't tell her guidance about her infection, because they might think she got it from the toilet in our house and since it's a sexually transmitted disease, they will start looking at us somehow in church, as couples that have chlamydia"
"What won't I hear from you this woman? Do you have chlamydia?"... there was a pause, then he continued, "then why are you worried? She definitely got the disease from their house, that her uncle that fries his hair and looks like a glorified gigolo, am sure he must have contacted it from one of his numerous concubines, I pity his poor wife that has devoted her life in serving the Lord. Besides, I don't talk too much like you, so even if they will hear it, not from me, ighotago?" "You see how you indirectly called me a talkative, can't you make your point without insulting me? You will go out there and be forming holy and mending people's broken homes, while you are stylishly using your hands to tear down yours, mtchewwww"
They continued arguing, while I carefully opened the kitchen door and peered out, she was standing, facing her husband. I tiptoed out and went upstairs, I got into the room and closed the door, my sister spoke, "another meeting with the pastor?" I jumped, kai, "Yes, nne, how long have you been awake? You were fast asleep when I left" she yawned, "it doesn't matter, please, next time, wake me up, so I can go with you".

 Amaka the lesbian

Episode 41

She yawned, "it doesn't matter, please, next time, wake me up, so I can go with you" My eyes grew wider ozugbo, kai, this my sister sef, she's becoming too smart for my liking, "hian, follow me for what kwanu? It's an adult discussion, besides, he will be the one to tell you to go and sleep, you will see" "Sha wake me up, if he tells me to go and sleep, no worries, but let these my two legs reach the midnight meeting venue first, that's my own, goodnight" She adjusted her pillow and lay back down, backing me.
I shook my hèad, I guess it's high time we changed venue, I thought to myself, I can't risk my precious kid sister finding out about my sexcapades. I made up my mind to call the pastor later the next day to explain everything to him, so that he will hasten up with the plans to rent us a place. Meanwhile, I still had my uncle to deal with and they will be here to pick us on their way back, a day after tomorrow. I had already gotten him exactly where I wanted him, and it was the best time to start demanding for money from him.
The next day, I went to the back of the house to call my uncle, I looked around to make sure I was alone, before dialling his number, he picked at first ring "So if I don't call, you won't call to check up on me abi? Where's your love? It's only to mount me with reckless abandon you know how to do. Since you travelled, you've neither called me nor sent an sms, at least, even if not for anything, but to check how we are fairing" I kept forming vexing and ranting at him, but he didn't say anything, I looked at my phone screen to check if the call was still reading and wondered why he wasn't saying anything to me, I said "hello" and the next thing I heard was, "Ekene, I have heard you, am observing prayers with my wife and we will be back next tomorrow, keep those files safe for me, I will call you as soon as I get back, so that we can fix a meeting. Regards to your family" and he ended the call.
I almost blew up out of anger, what the fuck? How could he pretend not to know who I was? Has God arrested him? Or was he just pretending for the sake of his wife? I didn't know what to think, my chest was heaving as I closed my eyes and recounted all the time he was pounding away on top of me, and those times he Will call me out at midnight and have me inside his car, or the times I knelt on a hard floor and bore the pains, just to satisfy his insatiable sexual urge.
At that moment, a tear dropped from my eyes, for the first time, I was filled with regrets and my hate for him and his wife grew, kai. I was always indifference about my Uncle because he hadn't done anything bad to me, it was his wife I hated because of how evil she was, I knew the only way to get back at her was to destroy her marriage, that was why I started sleeping with her husband in the first place, but the way he responded to me on the phone, really broke my heart. I wiped my tears and went upstairs, as I made to open the door to my room, he called me, I quickly ran back downstairs to pick his call, but this time, I didn't remember to check around to make sure I was alone before picking.
He apologised for speaking to me the way he did and explained why he did so, "my wife has been close marking me lately, I don't know why, I miss you so much but I can't even get an alone time to call you because of her, forgive me, inugo? How's that side na, I hope you are really taking good care of it for me? You know what I mean" he chuckled, I laughed, "it's okay, uncle, I actually thought you have dumped me or something, I was really sad. As for my vagina, I know it's what you are asking about, it's not fine o, I have Chlamydia. You gave me infection and I am not happy with you at all, I think it's high time we started doing it with condom, after I finish treating myself and I also need big money o, I need to start saving your money too, it's not only Aunty that will be enjoying it, after all, you are now eating from both of us" I finished. "Hian, is that one the problem?...

to be continued...

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