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Richest Men: World of Statistics releases latest ranking (Full list)




OTHERS NEWS: Richest Men: World of Statistics releases latest ranking (Full list) [New Others News] » Naijacrawl
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The World’s richest people have been ranked and Twitter Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, remains the number one.

According to the World of Statistics, Musk is worth $224 billion.

The business magnate and investor is the founder, chairman, CEO and chief technology officer of SpaceX, angel investor.

He is also the CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc., owner, chairman and CTO of X Corp, founder of the Boring Company, a co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI, and the president of the Musk Foundation.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he has an estimated net worth of US$239 billion as of July 2023, and $248.8 billion according to Forbes.

Among the top five richest men are: Bernard Arnault: $191b, Jeff Bezos: $163b, Bill Gates: $130b and Larry Ellison: $127b.

Others in the ranking include:

Warren Buffet: $120b

Larry Page: $117b

Steve Ballmer: $112b

Sergey Brin: $111b

Mark Zuckerberg: $110b

Mukesh Ambani: $96.4b

Carlos Slim: $92.2b

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers: $90.6b

Amancio Ortega: $74.2b

Jim Walton: $73.0b

Rob Walton: $71.0b

Alice Walton: $70.0b

Charles Koch: $65.2b

Julia Flesher Koch: $65.2b

Gautam Adani: $63.9b

Zhong Shanshan: $63.5b

Michael Dell: $62.4b

John Mars: $56.1b

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