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Biafra Nations Youth League (BNYL) Raises Alarm about Repeating Past Mistakes




NEWS: Biafra Nations Youth League (BNYL) Raises Alarm about Repeating Past Mistakes [New Politics] » Naijacrawl
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Prinewill Obuka, the leader of the BNYL has raised concerns about the present agitation for a Biafran state in the South-east region of Nigeria, he elaborated on the known fact that mistakes made by the Ojukwu led government led to the Biafran surrender of January 1970 by Philip Effiong.

He has further placed emphasis on the fact that Biafran youth agitators ignore the advice and warning of war veterans at their own peril.

He said “I don’t think Biafra agitators of today calculate and seek meaningful advice before making moves. A lot of ‘I don’t care attitude’ and drastic decisions have really made us noise makers than people with agenda”, he said in a statement on Sunday.

“We must tell ourselves the truth. History has it that it was the failure of Ojukwu led government to calculate and as well heed to advise that led to our initial surrender to Nigeria by Philip Effiong”.

Obuka criticised pro-biafra media outlets about their insistent bragging and woeful boasting, saying it is reminiscent of the late Voice of Biafra broadcaster Okonkon Ndem who bragged in 1967 about a weapon Biafra had that no Nation could destroy. Obuka said “Those who are currently handling the media for pro-Biafra groups are repeating the mistakes of Okokon Ndem. They are boasting and bragging, but at the end we suffer more casualties than the country we are struggling to separate from. I see today’s struggle as repetition of history.

 He also insisted that the UN will never grant independence to a people disorganized.

He said this about the Biafra International Conference held in Ghana “It’s unfortunate that some key actors boycotted that conference as a result of pride and mentality of being superior. We cannot boast of what we have not achieved.

“Biafra is a process, even after war or when on the peak of war, it remains a process. We cannot jump protocols.

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