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Is Crowd1 Scam or good to invest in it?




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After reading this you will decide whether to join crowd1 or not, but remember crowd1 is like Pyramid doubling scheme, but when you visit crowd1 one, they do not give out much information about the system.

Crowd1 Summary

Product: Crowd1

Price to join: ₦50,000 to 1,200,000

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend it? No

Crowd1 teams have been currently having a seminar in Enugu state Nigeria, telling members how to make money by spending a huge amount of money buying a package which in return you will earn money without bringing a new member in, but if you bringing new member you will earn more money.

Crowd1 (or Crowd1 Network Ltd) is a "mobile networking community." It offers members the ability to create and maintain an online network business using different digital marketing platforms. Its so-called partners are gaming/gambling sites AffilGo and Miggster.

But is this the right opportunity for you or is it just a hyped-up opportunity? Read our review to learn more.

Edit 1 (December 3rd, 2019): Crowd1 is under investigation for securities fraud in Norway which is predictable. This is usually the first step in a series of events that lead to a crash. STAY AWAY FROM CROWD1.

Edit 2 (February 22nd, 2020): Crowd1 is banned from Namibia and anyone promoting it there can go to jail and/or be fined.

Edit 3 (April 29th, 2020): Crowd1 is banned in the Philippines and anyone promoting it there can go to jail for 21 years and/or be fined. 

What Crowd1 offers to members is an online networking platform via its gaming websites, education packages from GritHub, and owner's rights worth.

GritHub is a real estate training platform based in Dubai, UAE. The type of training course it offers vary, and what you're going to learn depends on which plan you purchase.

The Bronze plan contains a simple starter kit, while the Silver plan includes a basic learning training program. If you want to level up, then you can choose the Gold plan which contains extended courses and the Platinum plan which includes professional courses. By the way, Mr. Stelios also owns GritHub.

Crowd1 has entered Nigeria, remember to be careful if you want to join, the system is just like any other MLM system, where little will gain and many will lose their money

Recommendation, I said no, use your money for safer online marketing here Top Money Making Opportunity >>

Remember I didn't say it is a scam until different countries keep banning it or give it like 3 years you will find out yourself.

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