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8 Features Of Telegram That Will Make You Switch




NEWS: 8 Features Of Telegram That Will Make You Switch [New Tech News] » Naijacrawl
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Telegram which was launched in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Duro, has now become a house hold name, one of the most popular messaging app with thousand of features.



Though WhatsApp is leading as the number one messaging app in downloads, next to it is the IMO then Telegram itself. But telegram has lot of amazing features that make it platform unique and takes the lead from other messaging apps. WhatsApp and other massaging don't have up to that. 


Telegram is an open-source project, and its API is already available for further developments, which gives the messaging app a lead if compared to WhatsApp and others. 


So let's dive in to see the reasons why you need to upgrade to became a telegram user now. Also one beautiful thing of this app, is that its user's interface is similar to that of the WhatsApp, which doesn't take much experience. 

So let's go. 


 1. Self-destructive messages (Secret chat


 Nowadays privacy is something everyone is looking for, both as a company, individually or others. You yourself wants to send your message and keep it secret.

With this secret chat feature, it make it possible to do that through a kind of end-to-end encrypted chat in which one can set self-destruct timer. It's cool right! It can't be hack hacked in any way, can't even be screenshot. Really nice for all those who love to keep privacy. 


 2. Secure messages with a passcode


 This is another cool feature, that other messaging platform don't have. 

This app gives you the option of securing your messages with a passcode. It is really useful if you want to keep your messages completely away from those prying eyes.


You can even change the Auto-lock duration to prevent Telegram from asking for the passcode for long chat sessions when you lock and unlock the screen back-to-back.


 3. Send all kind of files with no size limit 


 To an extend WhatsApp limit the types and quality of some files (video, image, document etc.) you want to send. But users on telegram can send all kinds of file in the case. WhatsApp limit the size of sending files to 16 MB. Which is totally is not fair to users. But with Telegram, you can send files as big as 1.5 GB. Awesome! right? 


 4. Edit already sent messages


 Making mistake while typing is something that every typper does why typing. Especially when typing fast. 

But with the help of telegram, this problem can be solved even after sent. After your error message has been sent, you can still edit the errors on the already sent message without sending that same particular message again. The recipient will only see 'edited' tag. 


 5. Cloud storage


 Losing some important data on your messaging app is not funny at times. Some maybe due to change of devices or storage or whatever. Telegram has what is called the 'cloud storage'. It automatically saves all your data (video, image, document etc.) into its cloud storage. You can log out and log in anytime from any device simultaneously without losing any data, you don’t need to even worry about backup and restore. When you log in to a new device, you can download your files back. 


 6. Multiple accounts


 This is another cool feature of telegram that I love so much. It allows you to create multiple accounts and switch them effortlessly. 


 7. Channels 


 Channels in telegram is in away similar to a group, just that channels has to do with subscribers. Channels can accommodate unlimited number of subscribers and the creator can choose those that post and view post there. 


 8. Groups


 This messaging app also came with it own unquie kind of group. It normal intake of members in 200. But when this amount is reached, the Group transforms to a 'Super Group' with a higher capacity of 5000.

 (A Super Group has some more features than a Normal Group)


Other features of Telegram:


  - Multi platform support (Telegram is available on Android, ios, Mac os, Linux os, windows phone, windows pc and even through any browser). 

  - Voice call (seen more in the latest versions). 

  - Username feature (you can contact friends with not only numbers but unique usernames). 

  - It doesn't save your files into your device without your permission even after downloading.


Now you can see the big difference between this two plaforms and why you need to switch. 

Whatsapp also uses an end-to-end encryption every where. Telegram does also but only for secret chat.

According to reports, which I've practically obsevered too myself, Telegram is faster that WhatsApp. 



As for me I prefer Telegram to whatsapp. 

I believe that the article what fruitful. Now you have a besic understanding of the features of Telegram, try it practically and s hare to your friends. 

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