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How to download bootstrap 4 official documentation offline.




NEWS: How to download bootstrap 4 official documentation offline. [New Tech News] » Naijacrawl
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The brain is always fund of discarding small little things that seem un-useful to it, and many times we have seen the brain forget such little things when it is so much needed you will feel like you’re losing your head( not your head actually but.

. .you understand).


Bootstrap has always taken the number one spot as the recommended web design framework for responsive and advanced web design.


If you are an experienced web designer, you will agree with me that there are many times you needed references because you forgot small details . . . not very often for some people but for most guys, especially beginners, there tend to be many forgotten codes, classes, just so much to take in.


And today we will see how to download an offline version of the latest bootstrap, the version 4.


w3schools has always been the go-to website for beginners looking to learn web designing and experienced developers who are looking for references, you can download the offline version of w3schools on our website here.


So enough talking.


Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of bootstrap, and as you might have already known, it’s a complete rewrite of the old version 3 and there a lot of new classes, some classes like .wells and .panel was replaced. This changes can throw even the most experienced bootstrap guru off-balance at first glance talk less of a beginner.


Such was my case (except that I can’t call myself a bootstrap guru) when I thought I needed a reference manual handy, and what reference manual could be better than the official bootstrap documentation from the developers themselves.


So I noticed how fast the website is, even on slow networks, slow network is something you will happen to encounter a lot if you live in Nigeria. Now I began thinking about two things at that moment – one was the project I was working on and the second was why the bootstrap was so fast.


I know, I know, am boring you with so many tales, lets go straight to the point so that everyone will be happy.


So it seems that the bootstrap website is built with SPA(single page applications), that could explain explain why the website was so fast, so I disconnected my internet and I was still able to access all the pages on the website.


That brings us to HOW TO DOWNLOAD BOOTSTRAP 4+ OFFLINE…. It’s not a big deal, just hit CTRL+ S on keyboard or right click on your mouse and save the page, BAAM!! you have a handy reference manual you can use without internet.



And if you happen to see a page without CSS, just click on another link and you should see a complete website with the CSS showing.


If encounter any problems or you have any questions, just drop them in the comment below and make you enable notification and I will get back to you.


Oh, and do not look at the address on the address bar on the screen shots, I think is being generated programmatically.

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