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How To Host Your Website with these simplest steps.




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Hi guys today will share with you these simplest steps to host your website or put your website online.

Have you finished that awesome project of yours but it is still offline and you haven't host a site before , don't worry this article is for you.

First thing to do after finishing your first project
  1. Get a domain name by visiting domain sellers . I recommended this site Register at namecheap , search for your desired domain name and buy it, this article will help you to get a good domain name from namecheap. There are other domain sellers like and etc.

Yes I have purchased my desired domain name what will I do now.

what you Will do now is to go to your namecheap dashboard you will see your domain name , below it you will see manage, click it . A new page will open, scroll down to nameserver and select namecheap web hosting DNSwhich means you can now host your site on namecheap Cpanel which will point to your domain name.

Yes I have done this step, what next.

Now you will spend another little money to buy a hosting server which is called cpanel.

Where can I buy it

Everything is now in one place , you can buy it at namecheap without wasting any time. On your namecheap clicking on hosting .

You will see different types of hosting

  • Share hosting
  • Dedicated server
  • VPS

For a small business I recommended share hosting , with time you can buy VPS . Now you are on share hosting and they are many plans , now choose the best plan that you can afford and proceed to order. While buying the hosting select the domain name you bought for easy hosting or they will assign you with free domain , but if you have already bought domain select it.

Yes I have done this what next

Now will share this with you, go to your project and compress your project in a zip format.

Now let's proceed to hosting

Access your cpanel through .

Your is the domain name you used while buying the cpanel.

When you are on cpanel , click file manager.

Waiting it will loading and you will see public_html , click it , that's the place all your project files should be.

What next

inside the public_html you will see upload at the top, click it and locate your zip file and upload it.

Now go back to public_html you will the the zip file .

What next

Now is time to unzip it by highlighting the zip file and look are the top you will see extract , click it exact . Now go and visit your site domain name. Congratulations you have successfully hosted your project.

Next article will be how to host a site that has a database management using PHP .

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