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How to reduce high ctr in Adsense




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First of all, some AdSense publishers don’t understands the reason for CTR or what it literally meant.

Some might just see it as an ordinary tools, but if you don’t pay close attention to monitor CTR on your AdSense dashboard you might not know when your website is disobeying Google AdSense policy which might be caused from you or external factors.

CTR (click through rate) is one of AdSense tools used for monitoring of suspicious activities going on in accounts of millions of AdSense publishers.  Google have sophisticated tools that can alert them immediately anytime its publishers try anything suspicious and CTR is one of those tools.

CTR algorithm is built in such a way that the traffic you get from your website daily must justify the number of ads clicks on your websites.

Let me explain more on this CTR (click through rate).

CTR is being recorded in percentage from 0-100%.

In other to be in a safe hand with AdSense CTR you must not exceed 10%.

Where as 3-5% is the excellent rate for Google AdSense CTR rating.

Anything above 10% going to 30-50% is very dangerous for your account

Once a user account have CTR percentage that is above 10% which is Google recommendation. Your account will be reviewed so as to discover the reason why your CTR increases. 

If they finds out that the fault is from you, they will suspend or ban your account immediately.

When you check your CTR on your dashboard and discovered that it have reached more than 10%, you have to find solution to it immediately. Although CTR increase might not be your fault it may be caused by your visitors but you have to do something to rectify it.

So it’s better to pay close attention to what am narrating on this article so that you will learn how to avoid suspension or banning that is related to High Google AdSense CTR.

There are possible things that you can do immediately CTR increases above the specified limit which are:

1. Drive traffic to your website: when you finds out that your ctr is above 10%, try as much as possible to drive traffic to your site in any possible way expect using traffic bot.

This will help reduce your CTR to minimum level of at least less than 10%. This is the most reliable means because CTR is mainly concerned on the amount of traffics you are getting from your website to the number of ads clicks.

2. Sharing websites to social media: Another alternative that can be used to reduce CTR is by sharing of your articles or content you have on your website repeatedly on different platform such as social media, forum, Whatsapp, blog sites etc.

3. Running Facebook ads: is also Important if you notice that your ctr is higher than 10-15% although is expensive, but to be on the safe side so that you will not be suspended and lose your earnings, you may consider running Facebook ads so as to help reduce your ctr.

4.Constant updates of fresh articles: is another way of reducing High Google AdSense CTR

If you are confused on what to do when you notice increase in CTR on AdSense dashboard, Posting content simultaneously on your website can be of help in terms of reducing CTR on your AdSense dashboard. Google have made it a must to penalize any account that have defaulted its CTR policy. So you don’t have to relax when you notice high Google AdSense CTR increases.

Things that can increase CTR on your AdSense dashboard are:

1. having many clicks with low views: if you have low views on your website but you have higher clicks on the ads you placed on your website.

 Let say you have like 50-100 traffics a day, and the clicks you have is up-to 20 or more than that just know that your Google AdSense CTR must surely increases. This is because the views you have does not justify the amount of clicks you get. The reason for this is because Google expected you to have cumulative views that can validate the clicks you have on your website. see screenshot below to understand more on this.

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2.Visitors clicking AdSense repeatedly: Sometimes High Google AdSense CTR is simply caused by one or more visitor clicking repeatedly on the ads on your website.

Some visitors may be naughty sometimes and decided to bomb-click AdSense code on your website (bomb click means constant clicking of ads on ones website in order that the owner maybe be banned by Google).

Although it will be considered as invalid clicks by Google; which means no earning will be recorded by such clicks. The only disaster it will bring is to increase your CTR to maximum level that.

But when you noticed such actions on your website being reflected on your AdSense dashboard, Google have provided a means to rectify such issues immediately so as not to harm your account which will automatically suspends your earnings totally if you didn’t act towards.

You can use this link to let Google know what happened whenever you notice such activities. There is no much need to panic when you notice bomb-clicks on your AdSense, because recently Google automatically detect invalid clicks and rectify it without you manually submitting to them.

3. Telling friends or call to action: When you tell your friends or relatives or you made a call to action to visitors on your site to click ads on your website, it can possibly causes High Google AdSense CTR.

Although I can’t fathom how this works but as Google have warned all publishers not to be making mistakes of asking their relatives or friends to click on their ads. 

CTR is surely one of the tools used for monitoring such activities on AdSense dashboard. It’s not that your friends or relatives can’t click on your ads codes, but Google have very sophisticated intelligent tools that can differentiate real clicks from the clicks you asked friends, families, groups to do for you.

4. Using VPN (virtual private network): as a means of cover to click on your website ads is the principal factor that can increase your CTR to as high as 30-50%.

I can bet you that Google purposely used CTR to detect clicks that comes from VPN cover but most publisher’s doesn’t have idea of such. 

Although some might try to know how to use VPN to click ads, but am advising you to wave such thought out of your mind because it will causes you an indefinite ban.

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